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This Sunday is our Annual Church Meeting. Recently, we’ve been thinking about our church values. Today, we’re reflecting on our

As we approach our Annual Church Meeting next Sunday 7 May, we’re reflecting on what kind of community that we

As we approach our Annual Church Meeting on 7 May, it’s worthwhile thinking about what kind of community we want

Your story has lots of different components. If you were to write your biography, you could probably describe your experiences,

For the most part, COVID-19 is finished and behind us, and it’s wonderful. No more mandatory masks, or quarantine, or

Reading this week’s passage in Luke describing Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, I’m pretty struck by the simultaneously humble and yet

Often, I think of the St Andrew’s community as an ornate tapestry. Just as individual threads in a tapestry are

I was born and raised in Hong Kong. Growing up, I was immersed in a few Christian schools, but never

Sometimes it’s easy to underestimate church. It’s easy to relegate church to the second tier “nice to have but not

Some of you have asked for my thoughts about recent developments in the Church of England. In case you haven’t