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Pain and suffering are not topics we like to talk about, but unfortunately, it’s evident all around us, whether it’s

There’s an old saying, “There are no atheists in foxholes”. It’s a way of saying that times of extreme stress

This Sunday, we finish our series on work by thinking about rest. One of the ways we think about resting

When I first moved to Hong Kong, one of the first things I noticed was the dedication people poured into

Often when I tell people what my job is, being the Youth Director at St Andrew’s, the response is something

Hong Kong is a high-pressure environment and levels of stress are high across the board.  From trying to secure a

We don’t often say to ourselves, “Thank God it’s Monday”. We’re far more likely to say, “Thank God it’s Friday”.

Baptism is such an exciting time because it’s a public declaration of one’s commitment to the most important and loving

The Bible has grave warnings against idolatry. The thing with idols is that they’re not always easy to identify. Sure,

Have you ever wished the person in front of you would hurry up? Maybe you’ve been frustrated that a webpage