Care & Prayer


There are many ways by which we seek to provide practical care for one another at St Andrew’s. 


Our Growth Groups are the primary way through which we care for one another, as we learn from God’s word, pray for one another, and provide practical support through the seasons of life. 


Church members who are in need of emergency financial support can make use of the St Andrew’s CARE fund. Simply email to be put in touch.


For any sensitive and pressing pastoral care needs, please contact one of the clergy or pastoral staff, either after a Sunday service or via appointment through the church office.

Through prayer we have the amazing privilege of speaking with God. He delights to hear and answer our prayers.


Do you need prayer? If you would like people to pray for you, send us your prayer request to and we will keep your request confidential.


Prayer ministry is offered at the end of all our Sunday services. If you’d like someone to pray with you, simply come to the front of the church when the service is over and our prayer ministers will be waiting for you.


We usually meet each month to give thanks to God and pray for the needs of our world, our city, our church, and ourselves. Please feel free to join us on the first Monday of each month, from 7.30-8.30pm, in the old church building.