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Fatherhood is a wonderful blessing and a source of great joy. It is a special privilege to take the lead

That is the question I had when I first joined the team at St Andrew’s to help look after “Oxygen”

This may sound strange to you, but I was pretty nervous the first few times I went to church. I

For almost 120 years, we’ve been a community used by God to proclaim Christ to our city and to build

When I told my pastor in Singapore I was moving to Hong Kong in 2023, his first concern was not

I used to have a rugby coach who loved repeating the phrase, “There’s no ‘I’ in TEAM”. It was his

Happy Chinese New Year!  There is a fantastic buzz around this annual festival.  I particularly enjoy the way ancient traditions

On the 29th of October last year, we conducted an anonymous survey during our church services. The aim of this

Often when I tell people what my job is, being the Youth Director at St Andrew’s, the response is something

Hong Kong is a high-pressure environment and levels of stress are high across the board.  From trying to secure a