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It’s impossible to overstate the privilege of being part of Sunday church: to be able to meet with God and

Although I had a Christian upbringing many years ago in the UK, I only now realise just how little attention

Do you remember being new to St. Andrew’s?  Perhaps that is a distant memory and you have been a part

The summer is a great time to get away and take a break. It’s also a valuable opportunity to reflect

This Sunday is our Annual Church Meeting. Recently, we’ve been thinking about our church values. Today, we’re reflecting on our

Often, I think of the St Andrew’s community as an ornate tapestry. Just as individual threads in a tapestry are

Sometimes it’s easy to underestimate church. It’s easy to relegate church to the second tier “nice to have but not

Last Sunday, we looked at the friendship between Jonathan and David. I want to spend a little more time reflecting

From Chinese New Year to Christmas, there are endless reasons to feast throughout the year, no matter what our culture