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Have you ever listened to someone pray from their heart or watched someone’s faithfulness in prayer? Maybe you’re like me,

It’s said that Ernest Shakelton, the famous Antarctic explorer, placed the following text in an English newspaper: “Men wanted for

Here at St. Andrew’s, we are fully committed to the received truth that the Bible is God’s word.  We are

The past few years have not been very easy for Hong Kong, but 2023 felt a little more hopeful when

I enjoy music; if you know me, you will know I have a talent for quickly recognising songs. This means

This Sunday, we finish our series on work by thinking about rest. One of the ways we think about resting

When I first moved to Hong Kong, one of the first things I noticed was the dedication people poured into

Often when I tell people what my job is, being the Youth Director at St Andrew’s, the response is something

Hong Kong is a high-pressure environment and levels of stress are high across the board.  From trying to secure a

We don’t often say to ourselves, “Thank God it’s Monday”. We’re far more likely to say, “Thank God it’s Friday”.