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Sometimes it’s easy to underestimate church. It’s easy to relegate church to the second tier “nice to have but not

Some of you have asked for my thoughts about recent developments in the Church of England. In case you haven’t

Recently, Expat Living Hong Kong published an article online with the provocative title, “Is Hong Kong a ‘Marriage Graveyard’?” Reading

I have a friend who once asked me a question about giving. He’d heard about tithing and asked, “Is this

Have you ever felt like God was leading you in a certain direction, but things just weren’t happening fast enough?

Last Sunday, we looked at the friendship between Jonathan and David. I want to spend a little more time reflecting

Someone from the Putonghua (PTH) congregation said to me recently that our congregation feels like a loaded spring. While this

With every new year comes the hopes of another fresh chance to achieve your happily ever after… What might that

It’s fascinating to reflect on Jesus’ parting instructions to his disciples. He doesn’t give them motivational words on how to

From Chinese New Year to Christmas, there are endless reasons to feast throughout the year, no matter what our culture