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Maybe like me, you have hopes that the coming Lunar Year will be better than the last one. If this

One of the things this sermon series in John’s Gospel has taught me is how significant it is that Jesus

It’s always sad to say goodbye to someone you really care about, especially if you are not sure when you

I have selective hearing. When my wife says things that are pleasant to me, I’ll listen attentively. But when she

It happens to all of us. We get down. The gloom can arrive for all sorts of reasons. Perhaps a

In this Sunday’s sermon, we’ll see that God asks Joshua to do something that seems strange. God wants the people

With a new year comes hopes for the year to come. Often at this time of year people make resolutions.

Christmas Day is an occasion for unwrapping gifts. I can’t think of any more needful or comforting gift than the

Most of us have our favourite Christmas carols – maybe you’ve been quietly singing them to yourself over the past

In many cultures, the names that are given to children carry particular meaning. For instance, the name ‘Hannah’ comes from