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One of the things that the pandemic has highlighted, amongst many things, is that we are created to be social

Humans are creatures built for relationship. We normally don’t thrive isolated from one another. That’s one of the reasons why

Your normal holiday plans have been shelved. The kids will be doing school online again. The project at work is

Social distancing restrictions can wear you down. Compare the optimism that many of us had months ago to what you

It feels strange to conduct our Annual Church Meeting like this. This is the type of occasion when we should

Maybe, like me, you’re feeling disappointed. It’s not just that it’s been a tough year. It’s also that it doesn’t

When Jesus’ disciples asked him for help with prayer, he gave them the beautifully simple and wonderfully comprehensive words known

One of the incredible images that the bible uses to describe Christian community is the human body. It’s a picture

Perhaps you’ve been confronted more recently by injustice. George Floyd and the scourge of racism, political and social unrest in

One of the classic Western nursery rhymes is ‘Humpty Dumpty’. Humpty Dumpty is a humanised egg, who falls off a