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Growing in Gratitude

Apr 28, 2022

Growing up, I was always taught the importance of saying your “please” and “thank you’s”. I think this has really stuck with me because one of the most common phrases I use in my daily life these days is, “Thank you so much!”

Someone opens a door for you? Thanks a lot!

A kind stranger giving you directions to help you find your way? Thanks a ton!

The person at the shop going the extra mile to better your experience? Thank you!

I imagine that in most instances when we use this phrase, it’s more out of politeness rather than a deeply profound gratitude for a gesture. But no matter how big or small, I’ve always found life to be much more joyful when you make the effort to appreciate kindness.

What about God’s kindness though? How good are we at spotting his grace in our lives? Maybe we are pretty good at seeing certain gifts, like that job promotion or protection from Covid. But what about the greatest gift he has given us? I’m afraid I’m guilty of all too frequently placing an all too heavy emphasis on the little things rather than the most important thing that he’s blessed me with: a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

How thankful are you for Jesus?

How thankful are you for Jesus? I mean, really.

Are we really able to see sin as the biggest problem in our lives? Does this realisation cause us to marvel at the wonder of reconciliation to God through Jesus? Do we really believe that as Christians we already have everything we could ever need in Christ alone?

I am so excited about this sermon series in Colossians because in so many ways we are going back to the basics. Ironically, that’s all we need to “advance” and mature in our faith, by looking at the supremacy of Christ. I’m so thankful that restrictions in Hong Kong are lifting. I’m super chuffed that we are able to meet in person for church again. But most of all, I’m filled with gratitude that I have been made right with the living God of the universe through Jesus Christ and can have confidence in my future hope.

Michele Cheng
Pastoral Worker

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