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We are living in extraordinary times. It seems like COVID-19 has affected almost everything in life, creating the greatest global

Navigating life during a pandemic tells us some things about ourselves.   Panic buying tells us that we want things

It’s hard to avoid spending a few hours online each day trawling through the news about COVID-19, bingeing on commentary,

A few weeks ago many of us would have had hopes that the threat of COVID-19 was almost over. Maybe

A friend recently shared, “It feels weird to love people by distancing oneself from them physically”. The precautions against COVID-19

For most of us, the coronavirus has changed how we do life. Maybe you’re working from home. We keep physical

I have some very old coins at home, some denarii and some lepta. A denarius was worth roughly a day’s

You may be feeling unsettled at the moment. That’s understandable. So many of our normal routines that gives our lives

The coronavirus gives a sense of helplessness. We try to do particular things to make ourselves feel more secure: sanitize

Living in Hong Kong recently has not been easy. The coronavirus has brought an additional sense of emotional, spiritual and