Have you washed your Hands?

I washed my hands ten times yesterday, why? Because we are afraid that the invisible virus might adhere to people and things around us and cause us to be infected.

From the air to breathe, the banknotes we handle, the public areas we once enjoyed, all are shrouded by this invisible shadow of the virus. Even people returning home from work or the day’s groceries can make us uneasy.

Many truths cannot be seen plainly and are yet crucial to our lives.

When we come home, we wash our hands even though they look clean. The Bible tells us that wise people act not by sight but by faith (II Cor 5:7). Many truths cannot be seen plainly and are yet crucial to our lives. The Bible tells us because of sin, people will eventually die unless it is resolved. We will suffer without a cure for our sinful deeds.

However, the Bible does not only tell mankind bad news, it also proclaims God’s cure for all human beings. The Bible tells us the most important thing: For I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received: that Christ died for our sins in accordance with the Scriptures, (I Corinthians 15:3).

Like hand washing can be a way of Evangelism, a practical solution to a terrible condition. But how do we communicate this?

2020 has given us tremendous opportunities to share our faith. By starting with the questions and concerns our friends have in this uncertain time, we can show them how the pandemic points to a deeper problem we all have and yet like handwashing Jesus cures the real problem we can’t immediately see.

To answer the questions raised by the Pandemic, we will be running a course for seekers to discover the meaning of Life. Life Explored will run over four sessions starting on the 6th October, invite your networks to sign up here.

Associate Minister