Treasuring Mothers   

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. It’s a day that has historic roots from medieval times in ‘Mothering Sunday’ when people in the UK returned to their ‘mother church’. Its modern version emerged about 100 years ago, founded by Anna Jarvis in the US. Of course, giving thanks for our mothers should be continuous, not limited to one day a year. As we approach Mother’s Day, here are three thoughts about our mums.

First, they deserve praise. Apart from enduring the pain of bringing us into the world, our mothers continually labour on our behalf. They often balance vocational work and managing a household. They are multitaskers: teachers (and during pandemics, they’re home-schoolers), tutors, mentors, cleaners, cooks, coaches and counsellors, all in one person. It often seems like a mother’s work is never done. Mothers never stop worrying about their children, even when their children are grown up.

Giving thanks for our mothers should be continuous, not limited to one day a year.

Second, they require patience. Of course, our mothers aren’t perfect – none of us are. It’s said that to understand a person, you need to walk a mile in their shoes. Our mothers have particular pressures. They have their hopes and ambitions for their children, but also their concerns and fears. Sometimes in their parenting, they’ll get things wrong. We need to be quick to extend understanding and grace.

Third, they need prayer. A mother’s task is daunting and exhausting. They often feel lonely and unsupported, ill-equipped and uncertain. We should pray for our mothers continually, as theirs in one of the most difficult and vital of roles. We should pray for their wisdom and perseverance, their joy and contentment, their Christian witness and their holiness. We should pray that they would hold onto Jesus, loving him even more than their own children.

Update on our services
As the government plans to ease the restrictions in place due to COVID-19, we begin to prepare for the resumption of our normal ministries. At this stage, we do not know when the Anglican Province will lift the suspension of our Sunday worship services. We anticipate that our normal ministries will resume progressively, with our children’s ministry following the guide of the EDB.

In the meantime, please do stay connected with the church and with one another, letting us know if we can be of any assistance to you. We warmly encourage you to prayerfully and diligently keep your spiritual habits, as we look to continually serve our Lord Jesus.