Time for what matters

I’m sure many of you can relate to me when I say time is one of our greatest commodities, especially in a bustling city like Hong Kong. When we do find a spare moment, there’s an endless list of tasks and obligations, making it challenging to determine our priorities. However, as God’s people, we understand our call to dedicate our time to the community, and volunteering offers a fulfilling way to do so.

Shortly after joining St. Andrews, I heard the call for Welcome volunteers. As someone still getting to know people and feeling a bit like an outsider, I thought it would be an easy way to contribute and meet people. Little did I know that it would lead to forming connections with fellow welcomers and truly feeling like a part of the community. Being able to answer questions about St. Andrews and extend a warm welcome to new visitors has been a particularly rewarding experience.

Volunteering fosters humility, builds community, and nurtures our faith.

The next step in my volunteering journey was signing up for bible reading. Initially, I saw it as a relatively easy task, but it quickly became apparent how enriching it could be. Practising how to effectively read the verses aloud made me reflect deeply on their meaning. Bible reading during the service encourages me to read the bible more attentively and frequently, and often prompts questions that the upcoming sermon may address. Although I sometimes worry about pronunciation or making mistakes that everyone will hear, a quick prayer and conversations with other Christian brothers and sisters calm me and remind me that it’s not about me—it’s about God’s Word.

However, from my experience, the volunteering opportunity that requires the most time has made the most significant impact on my faith. Kid’s Club, run by our mission partner ‘Inner City Ministries’ (ICM), initially gave me pause. Could I spare valuable time on Saturdays? How does one work with young children? Yet, volunteering in this capacity has enriched my life in countless ways. The Nepalese children and the staff at ICM are incredibly welcoming and supportive. It’s heartwarming to witness the children’s faith grow and their eagerness to share what they learn from their bible study with their non-Christian families. As a shy evangelist, I have gained confidence in sharing God’s Word, praying for others, and addressing the children’s questions about God. I even find myself discussing my enjoyment of volunteering at ICM with non-Christian friends, which sparks conversations that allow me to share my faith. Although it demands time and energy, the rewards are immeasurable.

I share all of this with the hope of inspiring you to reflect on your own time and contributions. Volunteering is one of the most impactful ways we can shift our focus from being served to serving others. As Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Volunteering fosters humility, builds community, and nurtures our faith. Yes, volunteering takes time, but it gives more than it takes. If you have any questions about volunteering here at St. Andrews or with one of our mission partners, please reach out to Claudia claudia@standrews.org.hk or visit: standrews.org.hk/volunteer

St Andrew's Member