Providing practical care at St Andrew’s

One of the characteristics of the early church was to show incredible practical care for people in need. We read in Acts 2, ‘All the believers were together and had everything in common. They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need’. This demonstration of care was no accident. It was in response to the sacrificial love of Jesus in giving his life for others. Indeed, for every follower of Jesus, understanding the grace that we have received in him should be seen in acts of grace done for others.

Here are two ways that we can demonstrate practical care to one another.

…reach out to the church family for support.

Firstly, there is the St Andrew’s CARE fund (Community Aid Relief and Emergency). This fund exists to provide financial support for church members going through challenging times or crisis. This fund is also used to give support to asylum seekers and refugees.

Of course, financial support is only one part of providing practical care. Church members are encouraged to avail themselves of the pastoral support their Growth Group and church staff can provide. Let me take a brief aside. Sometimes our tendency when in difficulty is not to seek help but to suffer quietly. If you are in real need, can I encourage you to reach out to the church family for support.

Secondly, there is the Missions Related Fund. This fund has been recently created and approved by St Andrew’s Council. It exists to provide financial support for mission projects for charities in Hong Kong or involving church members. This is a concrete way of supporting ministries and once-off projects that promote gospel needs. This fund is separate to our regular financial commitments to our mission partners.

How can people access these funds? Applications are handled confidentially by a small committee of staff and lay leaders.

Can people contribute to these funds? Yes. We welcome church members to partner in this ministry by donating to these funds. It’s a practical way of you caring for others and supporting the work of the gospel. Direct donations can be received through the online giving page on the church website.

Any enquiries about applying or contributing to these funds can be made by contacting the church office.