Outreach with Sons and Daughters

Sons and Daughters (S&D) is a non-profit organization in Hong Kong that seeks to help those caught in sexual exploitation to reclaim a life of love, family, and freedom.

The organization’s name aptly captures the vision of seeing not just the sex workers, but also managers and customers to leave the sex trade. To do that, S&D takes a multi-pronged approach, starting from outreaches to the red-light districts to befriend the men and women there. Through these relationships, S&D is able to provide a range of services, from crisis intervention to an aftercare program for those who have decided to leave the sex industry.

I praise God for His work in the lives of these workers & intercede for them.

I have been serving on the Temple Street outreach team, where on fortnightly Wednesdays, we will go with practical gifts as a way to engage the workers and open up conversations where we can reflect Christ’s love.

Prayer is of course an integral part of any ministry, and S&D emphasizes that each volunteer is also to be devoted to prayer in this ministry. Apart from praying together as a team, the fortnightly prayer newsletter is a channel where I praise God for His work in the lives of these workers and intercede for them.

Sex work has become such a norm in society that we sometimes no longer see it as sexual exploitation. However, as people of God, holy and redeemed, we rightly grieve for such brokenness. And I would love to ask you, would you join us in walking with those in sexual exploitation towards living as sons and daughters of God?

Personally, I have come to see that it is a privilege to partner with God in this way, because I learn more about God’s heart for the brokenhearted and marginalized as I serve. Be it in prayer ministry, teaching a new skill to the ladies, or doing outreach, there is a place for the willing heart to partner with God in the ministry. The first step is to learn about this issue right at our doorstep, and you can find out more through the information evening on 10 August at St Andrew’s.

Please visit sonsanddaughters.org.hk for more information.

St Andrew's Member