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Joanne’s Story

Nov 24, 2022

My story isn’t very exciting or something you will find in a book, but it’s the steps I’ve taken and the choices I’ve made to become a Christian.

I was born in Hong Kong; soon after I turned 3, my parents left to live an immigrant life in a small town in Northern Ireland. My grandparents raised me with my brother until I was 8, and we moved to Northern Ireland to reunite with my parents.

Every morning at school, we had an assembly where the minister read a Bible passage, and we prayed. I studied religious education up to the GCSE level and understood that God existed and that Jesus was God’s son. 

I only recently came to know Jesus personally and experienced His saving grace through a restored relationship.

Jesus has become more real to me this year as I have opened my heart to Him and believe His teachings. Over the past year, St. Andrew’s has influenced my spiritual life; I have attended the Partnership Course, Christianity Explored and Christian Habits. These courses helped me understand the gospel, and the true identity of Jesus Christ, the Messiah. Through the teaching of God’s Word and the people of St Andrew’s Church, I have recognised God’s love more clearly and know it more deeply.

Jesus is Lord, and I want to follow Him and His example in my life

Sometimes I feel challenged by the passages in the Bible, but coming to the Sunday service helps me to understand God’s Word. I attend the 9:30am service, and my children attend Kidzone. They are learning more about who God is, how to pray, and they love to share what they have learnt with me.

The love I have for my own children better helps me to understand the Father’s love for us. As a mother, I can’t begin to comprehend the pain God must have felt as He confronted the sins of the world, He sent Jesus, His only son, to make the ultimate sacrifice for sin, He died on the cross to save us.

Jesus is the way, the truth and the life; this is why I have chosen to follow Jesus and devote my life to Him. As I get baptised this weekend, I want to acknowledge to the world that Jesus is God’s son, the one who died on the cross for me. He is the suffering Saviour who redeemed through His grace. Jesus is Lord, and I want to follow Him and His example in my life.

The Bible says we are “fearfully and wonderfully made” and that God knows each one of us from the time we are conceived and has created each one of us with great potential and value. I trust God’s plan for my life and pray that He will continue to guide and direct me as I grow in faith, give me perseverance in challenging times and a heart of thanksgiving. I want to use the gifts He has given me to teach others to trust in Jesus and guide them to find their potential.

Joanne Chan
St Andrew’s Member

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