James’ story

Growing up I always asked deeper questions about life, such as what is the meaning of life? Why do I exist? Who am I and what am I supposed to do? But, In my early 20s I had a Nihilistic view on life. I thought that life, our lives here on earth, were meaningless, just a spec of sand on an infinite beach.

Like many people I was tempted to try and create a sense of meaning and purpose through my career, and I felt incredibly insecure when I wasn’t able to find my identity through my job title. There were several key moments in my life that brought me to Christ, and a number of people who told me about Jesus, but the turning point came when I hit rock bottom.

I was confident that God had a plan, I trusted in him.

I was living in Germany at the time, and was let go from my job, which I thought was a dream job, my answer to meaning and purpose in life. So when I lost my job, I lost my sense of life, myself, I felt existentially shattered. I literally had no clue what to do with my life, and what to do next: do I leave Germany? Do I stay and find another job? Do I go travel and blow away my savings? It was in this state of brokenness that I came across an online live streamed sermon from a church in the United States. The pastor shocked me – he wasn’t what I expected a pastor to be, and the sermon shook me. It was then and there that I decided to give my life over to Christ.

Things haven’t been the same since. It’s like before I wasn’t existing, I wasn’t alive, and now I am. Ever since that day in my apartment in Germany I have been walking with Christ. It is through Jesus that I’m forgiven of my past transgressions and that’s the only way I could let go of my old self – to be born again.

Through prayer and prompting, I did one thing that I would have thought of last – to return home to my family in Canada. I surprised them… and surprised myself, but I was confident that God had a plan, I trusted in him. I eventually learned that I was back home for a reason. The family business was on the brink of collapse and it turned out I was just the person to bring it back to life.

Now I’m here in Hong Kong. Things haven’t been easy walking with Jesus, Hong Kong has been tough, I’ve been through trials, but one thing is for certain: Jesus saves.

Church Member