Every Member Ministry

Do you sometimes find yourself comparing yourself with others at church? Someone is better at doing something, so we feel intimidated and inferior; insecurity gets the better of us. Or someone isn’t as good at doing something, so we look down on them; pride rises to the surface. We play the comparison game but God shows us a better way.

In his letter to the church in Corinth,  the Apostle Paul describes the church as a body (1 Cor 12). Our bodies are made up of different parts. Our eyes help us see; our legs enable us to walk. I would not want to have to choose between having my eyes or my legs. Every part of the body is important. So it is with the church. 

God has gifted each of us uniquely. We have different personalities, skills and experiences. We also have different capacities, vulnerabilities and circumstances. I’m clumsy with technology and would be useless on the audio-visual team, but that doesn’t exclude me from being part of this church. Or I may lead a growth group, but that doesn’t make me more or less valuable than those who teach our children.

God has made us different, but we belong to the same church. We are different parts of the same body; we need one another. As each part of the body plays their part, the whole body matures. The church needs every member ministry. As we each use our gifts to serve God and one another, we build up the church. Volunteering helps us to grow both individually and as a church.

God has made us different, but we belong to the same church

A volunteer in Youth recently reflected on her experience: ‘I’ve enjoyed getting to know the youth, how they think and the questions they ask. Serving in Youth has also helped me to grow in my faith and understand the Bible better. Yes, I do have to get up early on Sunday mornings, but it doesn’t feel like a sacrifice. It’s a real joy to see God at work in the lives of His people’.

At St Andrew’s, we have many different volunteering opportunities – in our youth and children’s work, elderly and Putonghua ministries, welcome and music teams, and much more. Why not prayerfully consider how you might like to get involved? Volunteering is a great way to connect with others, build up the church and grow your faith at the same time.

Wonderfully we also have volunteering opportunities with our local mission partners. Together we can share the love of Jesus in both word and deed – with the poor and homeless, marginalised and ethnic minorities here in Hong Kong. For more information, contact Claudia claudia@standrews.org.hk or visit our website: standrews.org.hk/volunteer

Ministry Volunteer Coordinator