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Compassion Sunday

Oct 28, 2020

Worldwide, 385 million children live in extreme poverty. Poverty robs children of their basic rights to learn, play, and grow. In its ugliest form, poverty can lead to exploitation, child labour, and even death. At St Andrew’s we think it’s unacceptable.

That’s why we partner with Compassion International. More powerful than poverty is the hope of Jesus, the care of a local church, and the encouragement of you: a loving sponsor.

More powerful than poverty is the hope of Jesus, the care of a local church, and the encouragement of you:
a loving sponsor.

Compassion’s child sponsorship programme doesn’t just address children’s physical needs, but also the needs of the heart. Here are some key differences with Compassion:

1.   Compassion loves Jesus. Jesus is at the heart of what they do. Each child has the chance to hear the life changing message of Jesus. Compassion believes Jesus is the source of ultimate hope: both for the immediate and the eternal.

2.   Compassion loves children. Their child sponsorship meets the specific needs of each child. When you sponsor a child you will be personally connected with that child. They will know your name and treasure the thought you care for them.

3.   Compassion loves the local church. Their programmes are run entirely by local Christian churches. Compassion equips churches with resources and training to help them release children from poverty.

You can make a difference in a child’s life from about HK$265 a month. If you would like to find out more, please see the information desks after the Sunday service, or visit online.

Compassion promises that 80% of every dollar goes towards their local child projects. Whilst we’re sad that their staff cannot visit us this Sunday due to the current travel restrictions, we’re very proud to partner with them. Please prayerfully consider what you can do.

Darren Pollock
Associate Minister

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