ACM 2024


2024 Electoral Roll Enrolment opens. 25 March – 5 May
More information about eligibility criteria for the Electoral Roll can be found below. For inquiries about enrolment, please email with your name, contact number and the service you normally attend.

Revision of 2023 Electoral Roll. 31 March – 21 April
Current members will receive an email with instructions to review and update their Electoral Roll information by 21 April.

Nomination of Trustees and Council members opens. 31 March – 1 May
Forms will be available from the Information Racks or Website.

Submission of Motions for the ACM opens. 31 March – 1 May

Availability of ACM Information:
5 May.
Click here to view the Annual Report.

12 May.
Display Trustees’ and Council nominees’ profiles.
ACM key information will be available in the Old Church and Life Centre lobbies.

ACM Sunday. 19 May
1pm. Annual Church Lunch
Click here to sign up
2pm. Annual Church Meeting
Life Centre, Auditorium  


  1. Be on the electoral roll.
  2. Pray for the meeting, and the future of St Andrew’s.
  3. Give careful and prayerful consideration as to who should serve as a Council member/Trustee (including yourself) and then nominate. Download nomination form
  4. Ask others if they are on the electoral roll and if not, encourage them to sign up.
  5. Consider if any other business should be added to the regular agenda and submit a motion to the Chairman by 1 May 2024 (
  6. Stay connected on how to attend the Annual Church Meeting.


It is the roll of members of St Andrew’s who are legally qualified to vote, and fill certain roles of leadership in the church. To be on the Electoral Roll, a person needs to be 18 years old or above, baptised, regularly attending St Andrew’s for over 3 months and therefore an active member of the Church, and not be a member of nor on the electoral roll of any other church in Hong Kong.

Enrolment for St Andrew’s Electoral Roll will be open for our regular church attendees between 25 March and 5 May.


Council and Trustees must be Electoral Roll Members of St Andrew’s Church (and thus baptised Christians). It is expected that they are active in a Growth Group and/or a Church ministry group. It would be helpful to have some understanding of St Andrew’s Church (and its history). There are expectations of attendance at Council meetings of at least 9 of the 11 monthly meetings plus an annual Retreat. Council members should consider serving at least three years on the Council (if elected).

For Trustees, it would be ideal if they had been Electoral Roll Members for at least 7 years, and been on Church Council at least 3-5 years. Trustees must be a confirmed Anglican or Received into Membership of the Anglican Church. Because Trustees have an important functional and relational role in the Anglican Church of Hong Kong and Macau, it would be helpful if Trustees would be willing to serve, if possible, at least five years on the Board of Trustees (if elected). The Trustees are ‘senior lay leaders’ of the church and are people to whom the Vicar of St Andrew’s consults with and is accountable to, in the first instance.

Please download the nomination form to complete digitally (in Adobe Reader) or print and fill out a hardcopy.


Who attends the Annual Church Meeting? 
Everybody can and should attend the meeting.  However, to vote on resolutions you need to be on the electoral roll, as a formal voting member of St Andrew’s Church.

What is the Church Council? 
It is the annually elected body of members who, together with the Vicar, oversee the life of the church, including finance, property, staffing, Sunday services, mission and ministry. The Council plays an essential role in the life of St Andrew’s and it is important that the Council members are chosen prayerfully and carefully by you to reflect your views and wishes concerning the direction of St Andrew’s.

Who are the Trustees? 
The Church of England Trust is the historical body that is legally responsible for the running of the three main English speaking churches:  St John’s Cathedral, St Andrew’s Kowloon, and Christ Church Kowloon Tong. The Trust is governed by the Board of Trustees which includes two Trustees from each of the above three churches, the three Senior Ministers and the Anglican Archbishop. One of the roles of the Board is to appoint the Senior Ministers of these three churches, when needed. Trustees are on Church Council and are annually elected at the Annual Church Meeting.

Whom should I consider nominating and/or voting for? 
Trustees and Council Members are leaders of St Andrew’s and along with the Clergy and Ministry Staff ought to model the Christian life. Thus, the biblical qualifications of Deacons (1 Timothy 3:8-13) should apply. This includes; worthy of respect, sincere, not drinking too much alcohol, not greedy, spiritually mature, having already shown trustworthy leadership, servant hearted, gracious with words and not gossips, manage their family well, good standing in the church and wider community. In summary, people who are personal examples of godliness and who pursue personal spiritual growth.

If I can’t sign the Electoral Roll enrolment card, can I still be a member of St Andrew’s Church? 
Absolutely!  If you love the Lord Jesus, and are committed to serving Him, then you can continue to attend St Andrew’s as a non-Electoral Roll member of the church.

The Annual Church Meeting is an opportunity for you to play an important role in being a member of St Andrew’s Church.