Prayer Points


‘But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light. Once you were not a people, but now you are the people of God; once you had not received mercy, but now you have received mercy’ (1 Peter 2:9-10). Give thanks that God has called us out of darkness into the light to be his people, through his Son Jesus Christ. Pray that our church would be a community of light, holy and obedient, faithful witnesses for Jesus. 


Middle East. Continue to pray for an end to the conflict in Gaza, especially as Israel continues its offensive in Rafah. Pray for humanitarian relief to reach those in need, for comfort for the grieving and healing of the injured. Pray also for an easing of tension between Israel and Iran, and for successful diplomatic initiatives.


On this Sunday of our Annual Church Meeting, we’ll pray using our church’s five values.

Love Jesus
We give thanks for Jesus’ life-giving death and resurrection; that in him we have forgiveness and peace with God and an unshakable hope. Pray that we’d be people who love him above everything else in life, giving expression to our faith in him in every aspect of our lives (our homes, work, church), dependent on his Spirit transforming us.

Teach the Bible
Give thanks that God has spoken to us through the Bible, that through it we know truth and life. Pray that we’d be a community committed to God’s word, that it’s proclaimed clearly on Sundays, in our groups, and across all our ministries; and that by God’s Spirit, God’s word would transform our hearts, as we grow in godly character and service.

Share the gospel
We give thanks that the gospel is the life-transforming message of who Jesus is and what he’s done for us. Pray that we’d be a community that declares the gospel clearly when we gather on Sundays, and when we scatter through the week in our homes, work places, and networks. Pray that the gospel would be proclaimed faithfully throughout Hong Kong by God’s people.

Build Community
Praise God that he builds his church on the foundation of his Son, Jesus Christ. Give thanks that God uses his people to build up and encourage one another in faith. Pray that we would not live our Christian lives in isolation, but rather seek friendships, support, mutual care, and accountability through deep spiritual community, even when we find this hard. Give thanks for our Growth Groups and pray for the continued raising up and support of leaders.

Serve the city
Give thanks for Hong Kong: for the provisions of health, education, and safety that we enjoy. Pray that we would not be a church for ourselves, but that we would use what God has given each of us to serve our city for its good. As we serve with our mission partners across the city, pray that the love of Jesus would be made known in words and deeds.

Pray for those in our community who are suffering in this time. For those who are feeling the toll of loneliness and isolation; those who’ve lost work and income; the ill and the grieving. Pray for their provision and protection, for healing and hope, for their care and comfort in Christ. Give thanks that Jesus became one of us, experiencing our brokenness and pain, and is able to understand what we go through and give comfort to us.


Pray for students in Hong Kong sitting for exams. Pray for their smooth preparation, perseverance, and for wisdom. Pray for those who feel more acutely the burden of anxiety, that they would have peace. Pray as well more generally for the well-being of youth in HK who have lost a sense of hope for their future in HK. Pray for their provision, and that ultimately, they would seek their hope in Jesus.

Pray for families under pressure in HK whether through insufficient income or inadequate housing, expectations from work or schooling that bring anxiety, relationships under strain, or hostility in the home. Pray that our homes may be places of peace and refuge, of understanding and love, of growth in character. Pray for wise government policies that seek to support families and provide for their needs.


Give thanks for our mothers, for their love and dedication, their example and encouragement. Pray for their perseverance, wisdom, and joy in the Lord. Give thanks for our mothers who know Jesus and point us to him in their words and actions. Pray for our mothers who are yet to know Jesus, that they might seek him and put their faith in him.

Annual Church Meeting. Give thanks for our church community and for God’s continued provision over us. Continue to pray that we’d be a community devoted to God’s word, dependent on God in prayer, faithful in using our resources for the care of others, and committed to encouraging one another in following Jesus. Pray for our Annual Church Meeting next Sunday, that it would be a time of unity, thanksgiving, and renewed commitment to our mission as a church under God.

Evangelism. Give thanks for the gospel of Jesus which brings the news of forgiveness and the hope of eternal life. Pray for our opportunities to share this gospel; that it would be declared as we gather on Sundays at St Andrew’s, so that people would come to believe; and that we would declare the gospel as we scatter during the week, in our homes, workplaces, and friendships. Pray those who are attending the ‘Christianity Explored’ course, Cantonese Alpha and Putonghua Alpha courses, that participants would feel free to ask their questions about life and faith and come to accept the great news of Jesus.