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Weekly update

Praise God For Who He is

Whom have I in heaven but you? And earth has nothing I desire besides you. My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever’ (Psalm 73:25-26). Give thanks that in God, we have all that we need. In an insecure world, he is our shield and our strength, our refuge and our reward. Pray that we would always find our contentment foremostly in God, and that we’d serve him faithfully in every part of our lives, for all our days.   

Pray for the World

Indonesia. Following the devastating earthquake recently which claimed hundreds of lives, pray for Indonesia. Pray for those affected by the earthquake: for healing for the afflicted, provision for the homeless, and comfort for the grieving. Pray for this rapidly developing country which also contains the largest population of Muslims in the world. Pray that this country would use its resources well for the benefit of all its population, especially the poor and marginalised. Give thanks for the continued spread of the gospel and the growth of the church in the midst of intense opposition and growing persecution. Pray that Christians can be bold and effective witnesses for the gospel, sharing the love of Jesus in word and action.

Langham Foundation.  Pray for Langham Foundation, one of St Andrew’s mission partners. Give thanks for its ministry of bible teaching and training. Pray that Langham would continue to serve the worldwide church through its three core ministries of training preachers, providing scholarships for the next generation of leaders, and through high quality Christian publishing.

Hong Kong

Pray for students and teachers for schools in HK. Pray for endurance and creativity for teachers, and joy and growth for students in their learning. Pray for wisdom for parents and teachers as they seek to care for students in this sensitive and anxious season in HK. Pray that our schools can continue to be communities of learning and growth, support and care. 

St Andrew’s

Give thanks for our church community, for over 115 years of God’s provision upon us, for the privilege of being able to gather as God’s people to learn from his word, encourage one another in faith, and serve our city. Pray that we’d be a welcoming community, and a community that exists not for ourselves, but that we actively seek to serve those around us, using the time, talents, and treasures that God has given each of us.

Children’s ministry. Give thanks for the opportunities that we have to teach and encourage our children in the faith. Pray that God’s word would be faithfully taught by teachers and leaders in Kidzone and at Friendship Garden Playgroup. Pray that faith will grow in our children’s hearts, as they learn at church and as Christ is taught and modelled in our homes.

Youth. Give thanks for our Youth ministry. Pray for Ian and the other leaders that they will point the youth to Jesus through their teaching, words, and example. Pray that faith will grow in the hearts of our youth, and that they will learn that amidst the attractions, distractions, and challenges of this world, Jesus is the one most worthy of our worship and our lives.  Pray for the raising up of more leaders for our Youth ministry.


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