Children’s Weekly

Dear Parents,


Our Big Global Banquet. (Kings and Queens Banquet). Saturday 8 June, 6-8pm

After some consideration, we’ve to changed the name of this event to OUR BIG GLOBAL BANQUET!
God loves all nations, tribes, tongues and people. At St. Andrew’s, we have 30+ nationalities represented. As you know, we will be enjoying food from different nations, and we also want to welcome you and your children to share any cultural expressions of dance or musical items at our upcoming banquet. You can also dress up in your cultural clothes or come dressed in something you would wear to a royal banquet. Prince and Princess costumes for the kids are also most welcome. We look forward to enjoying, tasting, hearing, and seeing a glimpse of heaven with you at Our Big Global Banquet. We’d love you and your family to get involved; spaces are limited, so sign up today using the link below. 

Summer Programs

Vacation Bible School (VBS) – 15 to 17 July (Mon-Wed) 9 am-12 noon.

God calls heroes to serve with him and to serve others together!

We will have three half days of fabulous Bible learning, looking at Bible stories.

Bible points include: Heroes are called to Follow Jesus! Help Others! Work Together! This will be internalised using games, science, snacks, crafts and reflection applications.

This day camp is for children born in 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, and 2015.

We plan to start sign-up in early June.


Creche Lesson Focus: Based on Luke 5, the children will listen to a story about Jesus calling his first disciples to become fishers of men.

2020-2019 Lesson Focus: We can listen to God and talk to God, 1 Samuel 1:1-20.

2018-2013 Lesson Focus: The children will learn Moses’ stories from the Book of Exodus and how sin affects one’s life.


Please do be praying the Holy Spirit will help the children understand that sin takes your life away – leads to death, but true repentance leads to life.


Carol Strydom

Children's Ministry Director