Children's Ministry

Weekly update


Dear parents, 

In-person Children’s Ministries are back at 9:30 and 11:30 am services! Please pre-register weekly and early in the week to avoid the disappointment of not getting a ticket for your child. Go to our website and find your service on the What’s on page to pre-register. If there is no more quota for your child’s year of birth, please try one of the other services or have them join you for a regular Sunday service in the auditorium. We appreciate it if you don’t pre-register them to a class that does not match their birth year as they will take a ticket, not for them.  

Important reminders

  • When you pre-register your child to Kidzone you need to present your QR code for check-in, which is found in your confirmation e-mail. Would you please make sure you have a confirmation e-mail or contact the office a.s.a.p? 
  • Would you please open your QR code before coming down the stairs to the basement for check-in and pick up as wifi is not always accessible? 
  • If you have pre-registered your child and they cannot attend, kindly cancel the pre-registration before or by the Sunday of your pre-registration. This way, someone else can join the class, especially if the quotas are full.

What the children will learn

  • 2018+2017 Will learn God made us special, and we can do great things, Esther 5:1-8; 7:1-7, 10.
  • 2016–2011 Will learn about the 400 years between the Old and the New Testament and what impact this had on the spread of the gospel.


Please be praying that the children will come to understand that Jesus is the good news and that they will put their faith and trust in him.

Have a blessed week,