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Children's Ministry

Weekly update


Dear Parents,

I am so thankful that we have the means to connect online and live in a city that makes this possible!

If it works for you and your family to have your child join us for Kidzone Zoom lessons, we look forward to welcoming them on Sundays to our 9:30 am classes on 16 and 23 January.

We will have four different Zoom meetings for specific age groups, which helps keep lessons age-appropriate.


If you have not previously registered your child for Kidzone Zoom lessons, don’t hesitate to contact children@standrews.org.hk for more information.


What the children will learn

  • 2018-2017 Will learn Jesus can do anything looking at the story about Jesus healing a blind man, Mark 10:46-52.
  • 2016-2015 Will learn Jesus teaches us to serve others, Mark 10:35-45.
  • 2014-2013 Will learn we love God in what we say and do, Matthew 21:28-31.
  • 2012-2011 Will learn we all have abilities to use for God, Matthew 25:14-29.

God bless,