About us


We are a community devoted to Jesus Christ,
who share his gospel, calling on people to follow him,
and seek the flourishing of Hong Kong.


Love Jesus
The core of Christianity is a relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. He is central to all that we do as Christians. Our lives should give expression to our faith in him, as we listen to his teaching, pray in his name, serve him in every aspect of our lives, trusting in his life-giving death and resurrection.
Teach the Bible
We believe that God speaks to us with clarity and life-changing power through the Bible. Through the Bible we can know God and be equipped to serve Him. His Spirit changes us through his Word, applying it to our hearts.
Share the Gospel
Christians are called to proclaim the gospel of Jesus to those around them. We recognise that God has put us in our position in Hong Kong for this purpose.
Build Community
The Christian life is not meant to be lived in isolation. We need one other. Christian communities need to model to the world all the fullness and richness of what living under the lordship of Jesus looks like.
Serve the City
Jesus calls on us to love our neighbour. That will be seen in our faithful proclamation of Jesus to those around us. It should also be seen as we engage with the social, economic and welfare structures of Hong Kong, seeking the well-being of people in Hong Kong, as we serve them in practical ways.
As an Anglican Church, we hold to the beliefs described in the historical creeds, the Book of Common Prayer, and the Thirty-Nine Articles with their reminders of the great Reformation principles of ‘Christ Alone, Scripture Alone, Faith Alone.’


Alex McCoy

Diana Barnett
Executive Director (Departing)

Sok Han Yong
Associate Minister

Alistair Gibbs
Associate Minister

Darren Pollock
Associate Minister

YC Tang
Director of Integration and Workplace ministries

Carol Strydom
Children’s Ministry Director

Ian Millar
Youth Ministry Director

Debbie Lee
Events & Volunteers Coordinator

Juliana Wong
Elderly Ministry Pastoral Worker

Chriserbe Tang
Putonghua Pastoral Worker

June Lee
Creative Ministries Associate Director

Suzanne Lee
Pastoral Worker (Discipleship & Women’s Ministry)

Jack Duffin
Communications Director

Karin Tong
Executive Director

Ministry Staff

Anita Ho, Children’s Pastoral Worker
Arlene Moran, Children’s & Migrants’ Pastoral Worker
David Gbadago, Youth’s Ministry Associate

Administration & Operation

Kit Li, Assistant Manager

Nancy Chong, Senior Administrator
Suey Yuen, Senior Administrator
Yuki Chan, Administrator

Carrey Leung, Assistant Communications Officer
Keith Chan, Multimedia Staff Worker
Hon Cheung, I.T. and Multimedia Specialist

Caretaking & Security
Anthony Yeung, Caretaker Supervisor
Danny Fung, Caretaker
Kam Sun Pun, Caretaker
May Ng, Caretaker
Ryan Law, Caretaker
Siti Amanah, Caretaker
Kwok-keung Lau, Security Guard

Church Council
Alex McCoy, Ex-officio, Chairman
David Chui, Trustee, Ex-officio
Ronny To, Trustee, Ex-officio
Andrew Poon
Charlotte Chan
Daniel Chow
Derrick Wee
Fred Lochovsky
James Mak
John Mitchell
Jonathan Heritage
Maggie Cheung
Mairin Hennberry
Matthew Shing
Patrick Tam
Daughter Churches
St Andrew’s has two daughter churches: Resurrection Church in Sai Kung/Clearwater Bay, and Shatin Anglican Church.
St Andrew’s belongs to the Anglican (Sheng Kung Hui) Province of Hong Kong and is in the Diocese of West Kowloon.


Christians have been meeting at St Andrew’s for more than a century. We’re greatly blessed by the history of our church.

Join our team

Our church is growing in many ways, so we’re often searching for passionate and gifted people to join our team.