Equip: Moore College PTC

Marks’ Gospel – New Testament 1

Equip is offering a 10 week course closely studying Mark’s Gospel account of Jesus’ life and teachings, his death and resurrection. This course is part of Moore College’s Preliminary Theological certificate and is called New Testament 1. This study takes a systematic approach to reading through the Gospel of Mark and in the process answers the two central questions that Mark poses to his readers: ‘Who is Jesus?’ and ‘What did Jesus come to do?’. Attention is paid to locating the identity and work of Jesus in the context of the Old Testament expectations of the Messiah and showing how Jesus fulfils those expectations.

Those taking the course for credit for the Preliminary Theological Certificate can take the online exam anytime from 4 June – 24 August.

Date: 10 June – 12 August
Time: 2:30-4pm
Registration Deadline: 20 May
Venue: G/F Lounge
Cost: HK$480 with Hard-copy Textbook ($300 without)


For enquiries, please contact Ian Hadfield. (ian@standrews.org.hk)

Registration Closed
Equip – New Testament 1 FINAL