Alvin’s journey of faith

Jul 15, 2021

I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour sometime in 1977. It was through the Assembly of God church, in a terraced house in my hometown in Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia. Looking back, I asked God how come there was no lightning, sparks, or voice from above like Paul the apostle had experienced. I have come to understand that it was by His grace and mercies upon me.

My life’s journey has taken me to many places. The first was to Manchester, England when I was 17 years old. With flared pants, first suit with tie, and first time on a plane, I left my familiar world, to live in a foreign land for 8 years.

God is my refuge and my stronghold, in Him will I trust.

God blessed me with a wonderful wife Carmen, where we got married in Manchester Chinese Christian Church in 1985. Through it all, God was with me even when it did not feel like it and in spite of me failing Him time and again. God blessed us with four children whom I hold near and dear to me. In my journey of faith, the Holy Spirit has taught me

  1. It’s about Jesus and not about me. Be humble and think of myself less
  2. Things are not what they seem. God is in control, don’t sweat over the small stuff
  3. Trust in the Holy Spirit and have a heart of gratitude and contentment
  4. God made us different. Do not be easily offended by different opinions
  5. Our Father will not allow us to be tempted or suffer what we cannot bear

There are stories behind each of these lessons. Sometimes I have to relearn and be reminded of it through bibles studies, listening to His word, through the stillness of the morning or the majestic nighttime stars, the hard knocks of a mistake and timely chastisement. There is always the careful advice or acts of sacrificial love from my family and fellow believers.

God is my refuge and my stronghold, in Him will I trust. With over 20 years of being part of St Andrews church here in the heart of Hong Kong, I humbly ask to be confirmed into the Anglican community, in the presence of God and fellow believers in Christ.

Why be confirmed? Why not? To God be the Glory

Be kind one to another, tender hearted, forgiving one another. Even as God for Christ sake has forgiven you Eph 4:32

Alvin Liew
St Andrew’s member

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