Weekly update
Hi all!
We’ll be starting an online Q & A series soon where we’ll be responding to your teen’s questions on Jesus, Christianity, life, etc. That means we’ll need them to send us their questions, which they can through WhatsApp on this number +852 5160 4218 or they can send their question to our Instagram page. If they’d like to send their question anonymously, they can do so through the link below.

Please do encourage your youth to continue watching our St Andrew’s church online videos which you can on our Facebook and YouTube channels.

For the younger youth in our group and those who would like to get into the habit of reading the bible, we are starting a series called “Jesus’ Epic Story” where everyday we will be spending time watching a video, reading through the Gospel of Mark, and asking ourselves 4 simple questions:

1. What do we learn about who Jesus is?
2. What do we learn about what Jesus came to do?
3. How do people respond to Jesus?
4. How do you think you should respond to Jesus?
Our hopes and prayers are that this will be a tool to help you or your children engage with the Bible in a meaningful and consistent way. You can find the first of the short videos here: 

(make sure to disable any ad blockers if you are using safari browser)


Please be praying that all of us may continue growing in faith, maturity, and love in this trying time.

Wishing you all the best!
David Gbadago