Call to Serve in the Air

Jan 30, 2020

‘Put knowledge in practical use’ – was a soliloquy in which I first heard of Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) in a campus gathering. This was in 1993/4 while I was still undergoing my postgraduate studies in air transport management in the UK. It was also the year I became a follower of Christ and got baptised.

How time flies!

MAF started in 1945 when a group of WWII pilots was brought together with a shared vision to use their aviation skills to spread the transformational love of Jesus. Today, MAF flies some 135 aircraft around 26 countries and uses other technologies to bring help and hope to people in some of the world’s poorest communities.

There has been a mix of deep breathing, new patience, growing joy and deepening gratitude. rust.

I had never really thought of becoming a missionary but have always considered using my experience and skills more fully for God’s work. As I mentioned, I first heard about MAF and their work 25 years ago and now see how God has been preparing me in ways without my knowledge for a very long time. This gives me confidence that my decision is not one of personal impulse.

When I started to feel called to serve God in mission, MAF reappeared without me thinking much of them at all for a quarter of a century. Honestly, everything has been like a whirlwind but I am thankful for the witnesses helping to confirm my decision and help with each step of the journey so far. There has been a mix of deep breathing, new patience, growing joy and deepening gratitude.

The kind of love and support I have received from St Andrew’s, the Mission Committee and members of the congregation is just beyond what words can aptly express. In December, I made a short visit to my first posting in MAF which will be in South Sudan. This re-confirmed that I will not be able to do this without the continual support from the church. Please do pray for me!

I am MAF’s first intake from Hong Kong through St Andrew’s. If you are interested in hearing more, please let me know. My email is

Charlotte Chan
8:30am member

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